Age: 18

Home Town: Seoul, South Korea

Sponsors: Atomic Ski, OakleyKorea, P.R.O Team Foundation


2019 FIS World Cup ranking: 8th

Secret Graden, China World Cup: 6th

Calgary, Canada World Cup: 8th

Revolution Tour, Mammoth, CA: 2nd

Revolution Tour, Copper, CO: 3rd


Eating Ice Cream, Singing, Swimming

I think the reason why I like sports and music is because of my parents. My mom was an athlete and my dad was a musician. I used to be a swimmer when I was young. I like to speak English even if the grammar is not right at all, and I love to sing. I did a English musical and my dream was to become a musical actor before I started skiing. I love to eat sweets, especially ice cream and cake. I usually with the idea of going to eat ice cream if i succeed. I'm very simple. Whatever I do, I try to HAVE FUN with a BIG SMILE all the time!

When I was 13 years old I tried skiing for the first time. I liked Slopestyle at first because Halfpipe training is very difficult in Korea. Then I joined the Olympic team and became more interested in Halfpipe. I got good results and joined the national team during the Olympic season. I was able to compete in the 2018 Olympics and I got 18th. After the Olympics I joined P.R.O Team and got to ski with a bunch of talented athletes. Skiing with them is so much fun and helps me so much. Skiing can be very scary, but when I succeed in what I wanted to do, no words can explain the pride. That feeling makes me keep skiing, and skiing with friends is the best thing ever. My current dream is to be a stylish girl just like my team bros, and also I want to compete in the Dew Tour and X Games.